Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Project

My project is to do a video library on using reclaimed and green materials to turn a old auto garage into affordable apartments. In this blog I will describe the process in which I plan on doing this. I have broken the project into lots of smaller steps that have to be accomplished. This blog will also be a sounding board for me to put my ideas out there for followers to comment on and give suggestions. I will also be reviewing tools and materials that I use during this project. Lets begin with the steps that this project has to follow.

1.  Find a property. This is straight forward. I have located a piece of property that is close to two acres of land. It is an old auto garage with approximately three thousand square feet of building space on the lower floor and two thousand square feet on the upper level. The building is only usable as a shell at this point. 

2.  Find financing to purchase property. I plan on using crowd funding to finance some of this project. I plan on using indiegogo. Indiegogo is a crowd funding site that lets users start campaigns to get the public to help finance worth while projects.

3.  Set up filming capabilities. Find someone to film and edit the project from the the beginning to the end. 

4.  Remodel the property with reclaimed and green materials. The property at almost five thousand square feet will make five nice apartments each with there own style. Different methods of decorating and design will be used in each apartment.

I thank everyone for their help and support and welcome all comments and suggestions.

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